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The energy revolution needs storage

Safe and reliable monitoring of energy storage devices in low-voltage distribution systems as well as in large battery storage devices thanks to...

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Voltage relay for higher nominal system voltages

In conjunction with the CD440 coupling device, the new VMD461 combines reliable operation with high flexibility and simple configuration for high...

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Electrical safety for AC charging

The safe and reliable charging of electric vehicles is also directly linked to electrical safety in the building installation and the charging...

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Electrical safety for mobile generators

Mobile generators are indispensable aids when power needs to be supplied to equipment that has no direct access to a permanent installation.

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New management at Bender in Grünberg

Effective 01 April 2017 Markus Schyboll (46) has succeeded Dr. Dirk Pieler as the new CEO of the Bender Group.

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Bender expands in South America

Bender is reinforcing its presence in South America by opening an official branch in the Chilean capital of Santiago de Chile on 01 July 2015.

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