Continuous availability, operational reliability and cost efficiency through permanent residual current monitoring

The high availability and reliability of power supplies in industrial and purpose-built environments is a critical factor for cost efficiency and productivity. Unexpected interruptions, malfunctions and EMC problems cost time and money. As part of preventive maintenance, it is therefore important to monitor power supplies permanently. Modern residual current monitoring systems (RCMS) detect serious insulation faults at an early stage and enable the operator of a technical system to locate and rectify the fault quickly before a sudden malfunction or shutdown of the entire operation occurs.

In addition, the potential for savings are possible with periodic verfication according to the the German accident prevention regulation (DGUV regulation) 3 and the industrial safety regulation (BetrSichV).

This article is intended to show practical solutions for innovative residual current monitoring in order to guarantee operational reliability through preventive maintenance for modern electrical installations in highly sensitive areas. An investment that pays off.

Within fixed electrical systems and equipment, residual current monitoring systems (RCMS) offer an optimum possibility for the permanent assessment of insulation degradation. The measured residual currents can be clearly assigned to the respective circuits and current using equipment. An installation-related safety/hazard assessment is possible.