1/2018 | MONITOR | 35 TECHNICAL APPLICATION With 1,687 employees across 13 specialist depart- ments – from the obstetrics department with postnatal care for premature and newborn babies (Perinatal Centre Level 1) to the treatment of bone fractures in older patients in the Geriatric Trauma Centre – the Marienkrankenhaus hospital offers professional medical support as a centre of med- ical treatment that provides specialist care along with emergency treatment and acute care. In particular, the obstetrics department of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified hospital enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond the borders of the Hanseatic city. Every year, around 3,800 children are born here. This makes the Marienkrankenhaus one of the largest obstetrics units in the whole of Germany. Renovation – a challenge in a hospital The renovation of operating theatres in hospitals al- ways represents a particularly difficult challenge. The hospital needs to keep its surgery departments up and running, and at the same time patient safety needs to be ensured. The Marienkrankenhaus has some 586 beds for in-patients and 37 beds for day-care patients, making it the largest denominational hospital in Hamburg. Every year, more than 98,000 patients receive individual and comprehensive medical treatment here, along with professional aftercare. For more than 150 years, the Marienkrankenhaus hospital has stood for state-of-the- art medical technology and has offered highly-specialised medical treatments combined with traditional Christian values. Renovation and restructuring of the Operating theatres Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg