High availability of the power supply in data centres

High availability of the power supply in data centres

Data centres are designed to operate IT components without interruption and guarantee the availability of the IT system through built-in redundancy. These days, data centres need to master high performance, availability and optimum use of resources in a way that is economically reasonable. In order to guarantee high availability at the same time as electrical safety, complex power supply systems and components are used. A failure or disturbance of these highly available IT systems can entail significant costs. This can be recognised and deflected early thanks to continuous monitoring of the quality of the electrical power supply. The monitoring of critical functions such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, movement, etc. is part of the basic equipment for all data centres. Bender systems also offer the option of permanent monitoring of the electrical supply and ensure safe operations, as even modern standard-compliant loads increasingly cause disturbances in electrical systems.

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