Medical technology

Medical technology

Medical technology and electrical safety from a single source

Bender has been offering proven solutions for an uninterruptible and safe power supply in Group 2 rooms for more than 40 years. As the sole German distributor of the Finnish manufacturer Merivaara, we now also offer medical technology that ensures efficient patient flow and improves the surgical environment.

Bender distributes these products and solutions exclusively in Germany.

Experience our virtual operating room with Bender and Merivaara products and solutions:

Operating theatre luminaires

Q-Flow - a new era of surgical luminaires

Perfect illumination of the operating area is a basic prerequisite for good surgical care of patients. Merivaara's surgical lights are among the best on the market. They convince with best colour reproduction, intuitive operation, reduced risk of infection and numerous other features. These ensure comfortable working conditions in the operating theatre. Designed and manufactured in Finland, Q-Flow™ is the luminaire of choice for any surgical team.

  • Intuitive sterile control for operating theatre staff (Intueri™)
  • Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™)
  • Optimised for low-turbulence airflow in the operating theatre (Q-Optiflow™) 15.9%
  • Reduces eye strain from green ambient light (Ambilight)
  • Excellent colour rendering (CRI-Ra 98, SKIN-R13 98, RED-R9 98)

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Operating tables

For smart and efficient operating theatres

Operating tables must be versatile and adaptable to ensure optimal patient care. In addition to good ergonomics, this requires easy access for the clinic staff to the patients. Merivaara's robust and mobile operating tables can be used for a wide range of operations. All operating tables and trolleys are available with extensive accessories.

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Wall and ceiling supply units

For easy patient access

Easy access to the patient is necessary for good patient care and efficient processes in everyday clinical life. Merivaara's wall and ceiling supply units facilitate the work of clinical staff with a well thought-out design, innovative technology and great flexibility. They are equipped with all necessary electrical and medical components and have an antimicrobial surface. The brake system ensures maximum stability, accuracy and easy adjustability.

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