The new CP9...-I control centre for condition monitoring systems

The CP9...-I with integrated touch display and intuitive operation is the control centre of intelligent condition monitoring systems. It is versatile, individually configurable and easy to network thanks to its communication interfaces. It provides a complete overview of the system at all times, speeds up fault diagnosis, reduces downtime and increases system availability.

Easy visualisation of electrical installations

A 15.6" touch display shows continuous and straightforward monitoring and visualization of your electrical devices. In case of malfunctions, a visual and acoustic alarm is triggered. It also displays where the source of the fault is and how to eliminate the fault. The display can be adjusted to the individual needs of the user.

Flexible monitoring system

The CP9...-I is a versatile and flexible control centre for condition monitoring systems in different facilities and environments. It is suitable for data centres, manufacturing facilities, solar farms and more. Thanks to the integrated interfaces it can easily be connected to all Bender devices and many third-party devices to receive and provide data. The CP9...-I can be updated and allows for remote maintenance.

Optimum overview for more safety

The device is a high-tech solution and ideally suited for the requirements of small and medium-sized companies without a building management system. In large companies, it can also be used as a link to the building management system. It supports the monitoring of processes on-site and increases electrical safety and economic efficiency through improved system availability.

Examples of application

  • Process Industry
  • Data Center
  • 24/7 production
  • Automotive Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Renewable Energy


  • Integrated display, optimal overview
  • High-quality solution, updateable design
  • Intuitive operation
  • Individual visualization according to customer requirements
  • Safety through experience
  • Easy commissioning

Una nueva dimensión en la visualización de instalaciones

En las instalaciones industriales, reconocer rápidamente las condiciones de funcionamiento críticas resulta de especial importancia porque puede evitar paradas innecesarias o al menos reducirlas en gran medida. Los equipos de la nueva serie COMTRAXX® CP9...-I ofrecen, en todo momento, una visión general optimizada de todos los sistemas conectados. Además, generan la alarma rápidamente y ofrecen una variedad de funciones de análisis para monitorizar el estado de las instalaciones.

Jan Hofmann explica lo que ofrece la CP9..-I

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Simple. Seguro. Conectividad.

The CP9...-I is the perfect information and monitoring center for industrial plants.

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