Charging stations - as individual as your customers

To meet the demands of your customers and at the same time stay competitive, choosing the right charge controller is key.

How do you make your charging station/wallbox more compact and cost-effective?

The CC613 charge controller already includes an emergency opener, which makes additional components unnecessary.

The contactor for power release on the vehicle side can be switched directly via the CC613 with the integrated 230 V control relay. An additional relay is no longer necessary.

With the proven integrated 6 mA DC residual current detection, a DC residual current is detected in the controller and the charging process is stopped. There is no need to install an RCD type B, an RCD type A in combination with a measuring current transformer type CTBC17 is sufficient.

If the DC error is no longer present, a new charging process can be started directly. There is no need for a service technician to be on site, e.g. to switch on the RCD type B again.

All these features contribute to the fact that you can make your charging station more compact and save significant costs.