Control room in the data centre

Controll room

In control rooms, safety is the top priority. The employees in the control room focus on detecting errors quickly in alarm situations. We make the monitoring of your infrastructure even simpler and thus more effective. The Bender communication solutions provide you with information on the status of the electrical safety and power supply of your IT environment everywhere and at all times. But it also allows more effective monitoring of other critical applications in Industry 4.0, logistics and supply. The benefit is much faster information about critical statuses and the resulting risks, and thus the fastest possible reaction in order to avoid critical system statuses.

Product overview Residual current monitoring
Brochure Data centre
Technical paper Uniterrupted security
Case Study: DATEV eG achieves higher data centre availability and reduces downtime through the application of Bender Residual Current Monitoring technology

Recommended systems for ground-fault monitoring (grounded systems):

Recommended systems for measuring current transformers:

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Analyzing and reporting:

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